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Our Portfolio


Kebloom is a platform for young people to take ideas to reality and become an entrepreneur.

    Main Features
  • icon Step by step process of idea creation
  • icon Payment process, Search functionality
  • icon Tech stack: Nodejs, AWS lambda, MySQL, MariaDB, Squarespace


HI App is for Doctor consultation. AI Chat Bot plays as a symptom checker for patients. It consults online with the best general Physicians, Psychologists, Dermatologists, and Gynaecologists instantly without appointments.

    Main Features
  • icon Custom-built chatbot using NLP
  • icon Symptom checker using Machine Learning algorithms and Python


XpertFinder is a platform to help individuals learn and share knowledge online and get compensated for that.

    Main Features
  • icon Step by step process to publish a session
  • icon Payment process, Search functionality
  • icon Tech stack: Java, AWS EC2, Postgres, Tomcat, Gradle


ArtAndMe is a art gallery ecommerce website.

    Main Features
  • icon Marketplace
  • icon Shopping Cart


AuPaired is a match making app to match child educator with families. The app is available on AppStore

    Main Features
  • icon Likes, Realtime chat using Google Firebase realtime database
  • icon Cloud storage using Google Firebase
  • icon Facebook login using Facebook SDK

How We Work

Our expertise is to provide effective and efficient solutions which are maintainable and scalable for future business growth

Product Phase

Our Services

Product Design

UX Design, Define Customer Persona, User Testing

Pitch Deck Design and Review

Mobile App Development

Native App (Swift, Kotlin)

Hybrid (Reactnative, Ionic)

Web App Development

BackEnd(Nodejs, Ruby, Python, Java)

FrontEnd(ReactJS, AngularJS)

AI solutions in WEB, MOBILE and API

Natural Language Processing, Chatbots

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer vision

Data solutions

Data Science: TensorFlow, Pytorch

Data Engineering: Hadoop, Spark, MangoDB

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

Ethereum, Ethereum Wallet, Solidity, Truffle, Browser-Solidity

Hyperledger Fabric, sawtooth, R3 Corda, Electroneum and Stellar

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